Please select a resource, and enter the amount of
goods required/available.

A list of trade figures will then be displayed.

Trades may well be adjusted slighty to ensure they
are fair, which will be shown in brackets beside
the trade figure.

Note: I have updated the calculator for the Arctic
Era, but the exact ratios are very high once Future
Era trades start. (25:21 CE<>FE and 25:18 TE<>FE)
Rather than use these and get an absolutely precise
figure, the calculator will now "wing it" using
8:7 FE <> TE
4:3 FE <> CE
9:5 AFE <> PME
3:2 AFE <> CE
9:7 AFE <> TE
9:8 AFE <> FE

Alternatively, given how complex trades ratios are
becoming, I now recommend Guild Rates of
2:1 CA and below for +/- 1 Level
3:2 IndA and above for +/- 1 Level
2:1 IndA and above for +/- 2 Levels